B.C. Provincials 2019: Ashley Pistilli (Provincial Winner Intermediate Musical Theatre), Ainslee Dalzell (Representative for Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival: Junior Musical Theatre), Gracie Ivany, (Honourable Mention Intermediate Musical Theatre), and observing:  Juliet Krilanovich & Ellyana Baumet 

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Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival is in April 2024. This is an excellent opportunity for young singers to challenge themselves and develop their performing skills. During November we will invite students, that we feel are ready to enrol in this competition. This entails another set of fees to cover the cost of their preparation and the competition itself. 
Deadlines:​ January 31st, 2024

Fees: Competition Entrance fee:  @$31/$54 per class (Enrolled by Parent online)
Rehearsals & Workshops: @$50/ Song (Covers Rehearsals) Optional Pianist Rehearsals: $32.50/ half an hour (plus use of lesson time) Competition Pianist fee:          $40.00 per class entry
A fee of $200.00 per student, above the regular cost of lessons, will cover the costs of the following rehearsals and recitals. This is a non refundable fee that is required by all students in order to make the recitals cost effective, so please make note of it in your family calendar. We will be having one workshop and one recital in the 2023-2024 Term: 

Rehearsals & Recitals Calendar 

Workshop: Performance Skills- combating the Nerves & Anxiety, December 10th, 2023
Festival Prep Rehearsals: March 8-10th, 2024
Summer Recitals: June 7-10th, 2024

A number of students this year will be participating in the RCM Vocal & Theory Exams. This is an excellent curriculum that helps in the development and application of their technical and artistic skills. It also can be used towards High School credit if you achieve a grade six level. The following is a list of fee and schedule information that will help you in deciding if this is an option for your child this coming year.

Note:Current Exams are conducted both in person and online.

Fee Outline: Exam Registration:
Theory:  Grade 1-9 $139- $206
Voice: Grades 1-9         
$107- $310
Voice: Grade 10 $410.00

Rehearsals:  Pianist Fees
$42.50 / 30 minutes (Typically Grade 1-4)​
$85.00 / 60 minutes (Typically Grade 5-7)​


VAYA Music Festival: May 2024

Registration Deadline:

March 1st       Registration

Competition Entrance fee:     @$45-$150 per class  (Enrolled by Parent online)

Rehearsals & Workshops:      @$50/ Song (Covers Rehearsals)

Optional Pianist Rehearsals:       $32.50/ half an hour

Competition Pianist fee:             $40.00 per class entry